Buyers Beware

Beware of companies making over exaggerated claims for small, low cost shower filters. While most shower filtration products are reasonably priced, the small, very low cost brands typically offer little or no benefits. Unless a filter has the proper volume of filter media and the proper flow design, the desired benefits will not be realized.

Beware of companies that make “magical” or “healing” claims. There is nothing magical about water filtration, it’s an exact science. There are no mysterious healing benefits from “magnetizers”, “energizers” or “Far-infrared crystals”. Shower filtration should simply consist of the best chemical removal process, which typically involves a combination of 2 filter medias; KDF, a zinc/ copper media for removing chlorine and an activated charcoal for removing other sysnthetic chemicals. This combination will also help balance the water’s pH, providing both enhanced health and cosmetic effects.

Also beware of the direct sales people selling systems for two to four thousand dollars.
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