Installation and Cleaning

Congratulations on owning the finest water purifier on this planet.

I have searched around the world for different ways to treat water and chose for myself and my family this compact but effective filter cartridge.
The cartridge is also unique in its ability to let you know when to clean it or replace it.
When the flow rate slows down to a trickle the cartridge is clogged with sediment (and other particles we won’t mention). You simply remove it and wash it with cold water.
Should you wash it and the flow rate does not return, this means the cartridge has expired.

Watching a short video clip on how to wash the ceramic and make it clean again

Read the cleaning instruction for a Countertop system (Download PDF)

Read the cleaning instruction for an Undercounter system (Download PDF)

Read the Under Counter installation instructions (Download PDF)

Why do we chose to use this multi-stage washable ceramic? Find out HERE