Retire Within Ten Years With $100.000.00 Annual Pension

The goal is to develop 1500 clients with water and or air purifiers.

If you personally sold four units a day, you would have 1500 clients in one year.

If you sold one unit a day, it would take four years.

Four units a week would take seven and a half years, or all within a few years by recruiting a few good sales reps.

Ten years is very realistic for anyone working the program.

Average commission on a cartridge sale is $80.00

$80.00 x 1500 clients will give you a guaranteed residual annual income of $120.000.00

Besides needing a tax shelter, you don’t want to work when you retire, so ideally you would hire a marketing student. You could pay a base salary of $20.000.00, plus 18% commission on any of his or her add-on sales. He could also earn 18% on sales referred by the clients he services. (Your overrides could cover his salary).

This is a full time job that would involve servicing six clients a day. Each call could take between 15 minutes to one hour. Many of these sales could even be done on the phone.

The income potential is between $30.000 to $40.000 a year.

You will have no problems hiring someone for this position.

As your clients will always belong to you, there is no business that will give you this kind of secure income for your future.