Steel Glo’s unique and safe formula makes your cookware last longer and look like new

  • Cleans faster (chemically, as well as abrasively)
  • Cleans easier (no hard scrubbing)
  • Nontoxic (biodegradable formula)
  • Leaves an anti-tarnish shield for a brighter, lasting shine
  • Removes hard water crust and film

What to look for in a metal cleanser

High quality cookware is a big investment, so you want to keep it in perfect condition. Does your cookware still look bright and shiny as it did when you bought it, or has it begun to show normal wear and tear? Rainbow color spots on copper and dark blotches and spots on stainless steel are caused by overheating and mineral oxidation from water and vegetables. These oxidation stains cannot be removed with ordinary cleansers. Nontoxic Steel Glo removes them quickly without heavy rubbing and therefore scratches less. What are the criteria of a good metal cleanser?

  • It needs abrasives for effective cleaning of cooked or baked-on food, but should not be so abrasive that it scratches.
  • A good cleanser should remove tarnish quickly, leaving a longer-lasting shine.
  • It is important to accomplish good cleaning without the use of acids that are harmful to the environment or to hands. Some competitive products use acids that are considered poisonous and unlawful in some countries, if sold for use with cookware.
  • A good surfactant should be part of the formula to help solubilize cooking oil residue.
  • Steel Glo is a safe, nontoxic solution for cleaning problems. Use Steel Glo with confidence on stainless steel and copper cookware, chrome, appliances, sinks, tile and fixtures around the house.
  • Other metal cleansers clean with detergent and abrasion, but they lack the proper chemical action required to clean metals. Metal discoloration or tarnish caused by metal oxides are removed by metal cleaners due to their acidic formulations. Abrasive additives will aid the chemical action and speed up the cleaning process. Metal cleansers differ from each other by the type and quantity of acidic ingredients used.

Steel Glo uses only non-toxic ingredients that are bio-degradable and harmless to humans and the environment.

Steel Glo is easy to use:

  1. Wash item or surface area and rinse.
  2. Apply Steel Glo with a wet paper towel or sponge.
  3. Clean thoroughly and rinse under faucet, not in detergent.
  4. Rub surface while rinsing to activate protective anti-tarnish coating.
  5. Wipe dry immediately.

Do not use on lacquered or highly polished surfaces. Use only as directed.