The PL Line of Cookware

The PL Line of Cookware is by far the highest quality cookware in its price range. It has most of the features of the Vacumatic.

This cookware was designed to work with the Induction or magnetic ranges which will soon start replacing electric burners.

    Many features make this one of the best sets of cookware in the world:

  • 304T surgical steel with titanium
  • full wrap-around flame guards
  • vapor seal for vacuum cooking
  • whistle vent
  • stay-cool removable handles
  • multi-core with thermal base
  • self storing lids
  • lifetime warranty


The semi-vacuum lid is constructed to insure a perfect fit. The condensation groove collects air and water to create an almost air tight seal. This eliminates evaporation and unpleasant cooking odors all while retaining precious nutrients.


In music, tri-tone refers to a chord comprised of three whole tones. With Pure Life cookware the Tri-Tone Whistle® creates a different kind of harmony: time, money, health. When the desired temperature is reached, the Tri-Tone Whistle® alerts you to turn off the heat. There is no need to lift the lid or stir the food to prevent scorching or burning.


These durable welded handles with flame guards, makes for a more solid hold. The units are comfortable to carry, since the handles do not heat up.


The special PentaCore Compact Base, with the force of 1600 tons, becomes inseparably adhered to the 1.2mm thick body made out of several light-metal layers. This allows for high energy efficiency, while quickly and evenly spreading heat over the entire surface.

How to cook in a vacuum vapor

Cooking vegetables with a vacuum system is actually easier than boiling them.
It’s like automatic cooking.
Simply wash and cut the vegetable. (with root veggies it is always best to cut them smaller)
Add about 1 to 3 ounces of water (just enough to cover the bottom to create the vapor)
Turn on burner to medium high (this would be 7 if burner goes to 10)
After a few minutes you will hear a whistle sound. Wait for a steady whistle, then close the valve and turn off burner. (You can leave pan on burner or remove if you want to use that hot burner for something else such as gravy or meats.)
Let the pan stand covered for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the vegetable. For example corn will take 5 minutes where potatoes can take 15.

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Helpful Hints

Meats – Preheat pan on medium-high heat. Place meat in pan, place cover on to allow air in pan. Wait for meat to sear, flip meat, reduce heat and cover completely for the same amount of time it took to sear.

Eggs (fried) – Preheat pan on medium-low heat. Spray cooking spray on pan, place eggs in pan and cover. Leave until desired preparedness, then add one tablespoon water and eggs will remove with ease.