Premium ‘Hot n Cold’ Point of Use Water Dispenser and Purifier


Improve your health and save some money with this point of use water dispenser with built in water purifier! This hot and cold water cooler doesn’t need plastic bottles to provide refreshing, clean water. In fact, this unit takes its water from a water line for an unlimited water supply and runs it through a BelKraft water purifier.

• More Compact
Because this unit is bottleless, it takes up much less space with the water dispenser itself and unnecessary plastic bottles.

• Dual Float Valve
Instead of using only one float valve, our hot and cold point of use water dispenser offers two float valves to reduce spilling.

• ABS Drip Tray
This water dispenser comes with a convenient, easy-to-remove drip tray that makes cleaning a breeze.

• Hot Water Thermostat Switch
The Hot n Cold features an automatic hot water thermostat that keeps the hot water at 185°F. There is a switch at the back of the cabinet that allows you to switch off this hot water to save energy.

Replace your regular ‘Bottle Cooler’ with the purifier built right inside.