Stainless AutoClean (Ultra Model) Automatically Self Cleans With Ozone


1. Gorgeous Stainless Steel front matches modern décor, whether in the office hallway, cafeteria or in the kitchen. The most sought after look for appliances.

2. Oxygen in ozone form breaks apart any bacteria it comes in contact with. It keeps the water clean and fresh tasting.

3. Built in Universal water purifier. (can upgrade to surgical steel purifier)

4. Leak detector for emergencies. What if the janitor knocks into the cooler, jarring something loose?

5. Oversized 2.72 gallon cold tank provides a massive supply of ice chilled water. It is perfect for busy offices or homes.

6. Ice chill technology keeps water deliciously icy cold.

7. Water gets up to 10ºF/5ºC colder than other water coolers.

8. Anti-Flake technology prevents white mineral flakes from forming in the hot tank if the water has minerals in it.

9. Child resistant hot faucet

10. Power saving switch for hot

11. Saves incredible amounts of Energy. Even less than Energy star allows for water coolers. Save hundreds of dollars in energy over its lifespan

12. Long 3 year warranty, expandable to a 6 year warranty.

13. Designed for commercial use, and over 10 years use.

14. Cold thermostat and compressor starter lasts far longer due to new technology.

15. CSA US, CE, RoHS, SGS certifications

16. Large removable drip tray prevents spills

17. Handy carrying handle makes installation and moving a breeze